Monday, March 11, 2013

Ep. 30: Bernadette's Lament

Our very own Miss Ozone Park shares a ditty with our very own lovely listeners like you.

Download: Episode #30 - 2 min 20 sec


Anonymous said...

I have not been so excited since Clive Brook was a girl......OK, I don't really get that reference, but I heard Judy make it once so it must be good. Thanks for keeping up JudyCast. You have dedicated fans that wait expectantly for each episode and appreciate your work so thanks again for keeping it going. Would LOVE a JudyCast album of modern songs as sung by Judy!!!

OY said...

Hi, im so in love with your show, and i have been for years. However unfortunately, i got into it half way thanks to my friend who was just in love with your talent. I wanted to know, will the first five episodes of JudyCast ever be posted again? I feel like a part of me is missing without it. Have they been obliterated? Anyway, im really curious and eager to listen to them, this asides from Judy albums on repeat are the only things i can listen to on the train. I hope you still have them, and if you do, i think everyone would go nuts if you posted them. Thank you for being spectacular and making me laugh and get death glares on the train into the city. It's well worth it.